Following is a selection of feedback received from the people who use our services:

“The carers who come out to me help with cleaning I can no longer do. They are always helpful and pleasant. I haven’t had to phone the office because if the usual young woman is away someone else is always sent as a replacement.”

“My aunt and I have been very impressed with all the carers who supported my aunt. They are all kind, compassionate and caring and helped to support my aunt to remain independent until she had her most recent stroke. The carers even came to visit her in the hospital and whilst at home kept her spirits up and did as much as they could to cajole her to eat more. Well done to you all and heartfelt thanks!”

“The care my mother receives is exceptional- all of the carers are punctual, assist her in all aspect of her needs. Her main carer treats her like she was her mother and always goes the extra mile. I had a battle with the county council to get this company to care for my mother- it was a battle I very fortunately won. I have recommended them to two other people and they are equally as happy with them as I am.”

“Personal care given with dignity and kindness. My flat kept clean with a good routine established by the carers and adjusted to meet any additional needs. I have found the carer to be observant and ready to help me in any difficulty. I consider that the carer works hard whilst she is here and is worth the agency changes.”

“Calon Lan have enabled my father to continue living in his own home. He suffers with Dementia, and without their support I couldn’t have coped. I live 25 miles away from him, and worked full time until recently. Dementia suffers are best kept in their own environment. I doubt he would have reached 90 years of age, without their support.”

“Very satisfied with the office staff and the carers to whom my wife reacts very easily with. Having a regular care lady for five days each week and only two others for the sixth day is an occasional relief is very satisfactory and desirable. The care provided is a morning call to help get my wife out of bed, showered and dressed before going downstairs (by stair lift) for breakfast and medication, which I have left available. The one hour duty for 5 days and two hours for one day per week gives me time for my shopping etc.”

“Calon Lan have looked after my mother for nearly four years and have provided outstanding standards of care. The staff are smart, prompt, caring and treat my mother with great dignity. The management are also excellent and are able to arrange extra visits at short notice if there is a problem. One of the team played a key role in my mother learning to walk again following a hip fracture.”

“The carers coming in each day have saved us worrying about whether Mother in Law is up and about. My Mother-in Law is very satisfied with the service she is receiving and no longer frets about trying to get her clothes on in the mornings. All round great service. Thank you Calon Lan.”

“The care from Calon Lan has been excellent since starting to come to me in January. I still need care, after badly breaking my arm below the shoulder. I may still need another operation. My thanks go to the team.”

“Calon Lan have given us a great standard of care: reliable, excellent timekeeping and they have gone the extra mile with regard to mum’s care. She has severe dementia but they have treated her with great dignity and are almost like part of the family. They all interact well with her and really care for her well being. They bring great support to the family and it is reassuring that they are always there when we need them. Excellent service backed up by great management.”

“At a very difficult and challenging time, I would like to thank the management and staff from Calon Lan. The team are professional, friendly and caring, from the first meet and greet with management and staff with a very approachable attitude.
When a member of your family needs care at home, your life is turned upside down, we definitely made the right choice for my Fathers care with Calon Lan.
Thank you for your support and respect.”

“Well run, with good staff.”

“Calon Lan have cared for my mam for several years. She has dementia and Alzheimer’s and currently has four visits a day. Nothing is too much trouble for them – her small team of carers look after her like one of their own family. They are a great support to her and also to me – I don’t know how we would cope without them.”

“The girls my angels are very good”

“The manager visited home to discuss services and options and listened to our requests and requirements, also introduced care workers to the family.
Care workers were very friendly and efficient. Daily records of visits kept up to date and left for the family to read.
Calon Lan Community Care provides an excellent service giving us peace of mind knowing the care required is being supplied.”

“I could not be happier with the care and the kindness. Everyone is very kind, always helpful and i’m very pleased with all the staff. They give me a lot of time.”

“All management and staff are excellent. Always able to contact someone, plus if any changes with my mother they keep in touch with myself and the rest of the family. When my mother took ill the carer phoned the ambulance (excellent service).”

“Attentive and caring who always bring a smile. A very welcome friend to my home.”

“I have already told a lot of people about Calon Lan and their trust worthy staff very polite will go out their way to accommodate the customers. If their customers are happy they are happy. Fantastic company. Fantastic staff. Will keep recommending them to everyone I know.”

“The most friendly and tentative care company, couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The staff were amazing, management couldn’t have been more helpful and we always knew where we were at with them. Can’t thank them enough for looking after my Nan so well.”

“I found the staff caring, efficient, friendly, also thorough.”

“My dad has been receiving the most thoughtful, considerate and attentive care from all the staff for a number of years. I have peace of mind because I know he is in the right hands. I would most definitely recommend Calon Lan to everyone.”

“Due to my fathers dementia and ill health it was necessary to get him help. Calon Lan’s name was on a list given to me by his social worker. From the very beginning they were professional and friendly. Unfortunately I only needed their services for a short time but it was fantastic.
The staff treated dad with respect and care, the manager assisted dad in getting re-admitted when it was obvious he should not have left hospital. I would highly recommend Calon Lan to anyone who wants a five star service. Thank you – I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I must commend the manager and his team for the level of care and kindness afforded to my mother. I can’t praise Calon Lan enough for their professionalism and conscientiousness; and acted with respect and compassion at all times.”

“Calon Lan is a small care provider which I chose for my mother in the hope of a close personal relationship developing. Over time this proved to be the case. My mother has dementia and the limited number of staff, (with one main carer) helped immensely. The approach of all staff was very professional and supportive but also very adaptable to developing situations. Contact with the office was always efficient and personal.”

“First class service. The staff are friendly, kind and hard working. The best service that we have used by far and great value for money. Everything is explained in detail regarding costs, times etc, communication is incredibly good. I couldn’t be happier with this service.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to Calon Lan for their excellent service in caring for an elderly family friend at the end of her life. Not only was the level of care extremely professional and of the highest standard but the carers themselves were gentle, kind and compassionate. It was also a great relief for my family to know that everything was being taken care of, in fact, it was as if she was being looked after by family. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

“Very good service.”

“I have found the staff very helpful and caring. They are always willing to fulfil our needs.”

“She has been my carer since 20th June 2016. Reliable, honest and trustworthy and highly professional. Has given me excellent advice regarding walking aids, encouraged me to walk increasing distances. Help with medication and understands the main aspects of diabetic care with the insulin pen and home glucose testing machines. Discusses concerns with health and safety issues. She is a good cook, a pleasing companion and good household manager.”

“I find Calon Lan very reliable. The staff are excellent. I would never have managed without the support since I returned from hospital.”

“Our relationship with Calon Lan commenced 3 years ago, and since then they have provided us with support and personal care for my 91 year old Aunt on an ongoing basis.
Her principal care nurse is wonderful, caring and understanding with my aunt, who despite her dementia, looks forward to the quality-time that they spend together.
When her principal nurse is not available either one of two senior carers come, both of whom are mature carers with experience of dementia patients, who also provide excellent care and support.
Any care agency is only as good as the dedicated care given by their care staff, we have been blessed.”

“A professional and well organised service which allows for flexibility in arranging care. Carer selection and matching to client has been excellent. My mother-in-law loves spending time with her carer and the carer spends time doing things with her which she enjoys doing. The service I have received has given me real peace of mind that my mother-in-law is very happy with her carer and in safe hands.”

“I have been with the Calon Lan company now for 2 years and feel lucky to have chosen them.
Their manager is very pleasant and can always be relied on in emergencies.
Since the start I have had good helpers, the first one and I was very pleased with, since she left I have a regular carer. She is a good time-keeper, respectful, kind and caring, I look forward to her visits and don’t know what I would do without her. Both my sons have met her and are content to leave my care to her. On her off days, another carer comes instead and lives up to those standards.
Thank you, and your team.”

“I have been with Calon Lan for over 3 years and I am more than happy with the professional service I have received. My main carer is wonderful, so very caring and helpful. I don’t know what I would of done without her, after coming out of hospital she sorted out all my medication for me.
I feel so much more confident and settled knowing that carers visit me every day to help me with medication, personal care, meals and any other chores I need. My daughter lives a 30 minute drive away, it gives her peace of mind as well.
Other carers I have had with Calon Lan have also been very good and I am very grateful.”

“Overall very good service. The only comment but not directly related to the quality of care is the invoicing could be improved but invoicing is from the head office not local agency.”

“Overall very good service. The only comment but not directly related to the quality of care is the invoicing could be improved but invoicing is from the head office not local agency.”

“My mother is well looked after by the two carers, who visit her regularly. The carers are friendly and look smart and professional.
The manager at Calon Lan, who trains and organises the carers is always available to discuss any concerns and is very flexible about providing extra care and support when needed.
I have every confidence in Calon Lan.”