What is hourly care?

Unlike residential care, hourly care is carried out in your own home. It allows you to have the support you need without the disruption of moving into a care home or nursing home.

Visiting care is also completely unique to your needs and requirements – if there are certain aspects of your care that you prefer to do yourself, like showering  for example, our care workers will respect your choice and independence. Hourly  care can also be adapted should find you need more help with specific tasks or if your needs are becoming more advanced.

With the one-to-one support, you can enjoy what matters most to you. With a fully-managed and regulated service, you can be sure that the care you or your loved one receives will be safe.

Meet our dedicated Care Workers

While the wealth of skills and experience that our care workers have is crucial, what makes the real difference is their values.

Each and every one of our Professional Care Workers is passionate about the people they support within their local communities, and are committed to providing you with the very best possible care, with dignity, respect and compassion.

A rigorous selection process

Our selection process is thorough. In fact, only a small percentage of all applicants meet our standards and make it through to becoming a Calon Lan care worker.

The selection process for involves background checks, interview stages, practical training and the opportunity to closely with a Team Leader before they can start work.

At every stage, our experts are checking whether each candidate is the right fit for the job and for Calon Lan.

Meet Evie, one of Calon Lan's many Professional Care Workers