Our aim is to provide you with the extra care or help you need, so you may continue to lead the life you always have.
All our carefully recruited staff are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority.

We provide the following services:

Personal care

  • Helping you to get in and out of bed
  • Assisting with getting dressed and undressed
  • Assisting with the preparation of food and drink and also helping you with eating and drinking
  • Assisting you to maintain personal hygiene including; washing, showering, bathing and oral care
  • Assistance with accessing the WC
  • Prompting, assisting and administration of medicines

Household tasks

  • Preparing simple meals or snacks
  • Taking you shopping using our wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • Light housework including laundry and ironing

We also provide for

  • People in receipt of personal budgets/individual budgets/direct payments
  • intensive rehabilitation or reablement
  • Respite care – sleep-in service and sitting calls
  • Social support – helping you to access the community
Case Study

Meet Peggy

Peggy* is an elderly lady who lives alone. As a mother of three children (only one of whom lives locally), she has lived a busy and active life. As time has passed everyday tasks have become increasingly difficult for her to manage.

Peggy’s daughter, Rose* became concerned about her mother’s well-being after discovering that she was unable to prepare food herself and had started to skip meals. As Rose works full-time, she was unable to provide the support that her mother needed and so she contacted Calon Lan to enquire about a care at home service.

Peggy’s care requirements

The management team at Peggy’s local office visited her at home and discussed her requirements with Rose present and gave an approximate idea of costs. It was established that Peggy would require support in the morning with getting dressed, as she finds it difficult to balance, fasten zips/buttons and struggles to get in and out of the bath/shower. Peggy also requires assistance with her medication, the preparation of her breakfast and lunch and finally help with food shopping and cleaning once a week.

How Calon Lan help Peggy

A home care worker now visits Peggy from 8am to 9am and then from 1pm to 1.45pm seven days a week. On a Wednesday afternoon Peggy enjoys a two hour trip to the shops and on a Friday she has one hour for cleaning and tidying the house.

On waking Peggy has a nice shower and gets any help she might need with maintaining her hygiene. After dressing Peggy’s care worker helps her to prepare breakfast and assists with her medication.  At lunch time Peggy’s care worker helps her to prepare a fresh, nutritious meal.

Once a week Peggy’s care worker escorts her to the local supermarket to buy any food that she may need for the coming week and they also pop to the shops for a little retail therapy. Any spare time is spent sitting and chatting, discussing anything from the news to reminiscing.

The whole family feel at ease knowing that Peggy enjoys her days and is eating properly, they have seen a great improvement in their mother’s health and well-being.  Her daughter is still involved in supporting her mother and feels supported herself by the Calon Lan team.

*Names have been changed for data protection.