Asking for Personal Health Budgets

From April 2014, people receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare will have the right to ask for a personal health budget. From October 2014, they will be entitled to receive one.

Personal health budgets are an allocation of money provided by the NHS to support identified healthcare needs. These allocations can be given directly to the person who is looking to receive care and can be used to set up a package with a care provider of their choice.

The new personal health budgets will provide the person receiving care with greater autonomy, flexibility and involvement in their plan of care. People who qualify for a personal health budget can either use the money directly to organise care or work with NHS teams to identify suitable options. Many people who need care choose Blue Ribbon because of our reputation for high quality care at home.

If you approach Blue Ribbon to provide you with care, you can expect us to work in cooperation with you and your NHS teams to establish budgets and an outcome-based package of care. Regularly working in partnership with healthcare professionals to organise NHS-funded packages, Blue Ribbon welcomes the personal health budgets, which will see customers exercising more control over their care.

Here, at Blue Ribbon, we care about the provision of person-centred care that meets your needs. When organising a package of care, our Local Care Managers conduct person-centred assessments directly with you to establish what it is you need from our services.

We directly employ and manage experienced Care Workers, who are then matched to our customers based on expertise and personality. Our Care Workers are closely supported and managed as they are the most essential part of our commitment to continuity of high quality care.

To find out more about how we can work with you and your local NHS team to make this possible, please contact a member of the customer advice team on: 0800 689 0148