Live-In care is for anybody who wishes to remain independent in their own home, but requires a continuous level of support, whether that is basic (companionship) or more complex.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to, understand and exceed your needs and expectations. We know it can be a bewildering decision. Let us use our experience on your behalf and present you with a clear and realistic solution.

Examples of circumstances we deal with daily include;

Hospital Discharge

The urgent need for care is often placed upon families when hospital discharge is reliant on having the appropriate level of care and support in place.

Our local assessors can react quickly, liaising with the discharge team and other professionals involved on your behalf to allow a safe and prompt return home. A live in carer can help with recuperation, convalescence and rehabilitation, working alongside District Nurses and Occupational Therapists when health can be at its most fragile, building confidence and strength, day by day.

Our carers can also give medical support including catheterisation, convene, PEG and suppositories to name a few.

A seamless transition from visiting care

It is common for us to be approached by families who have been receiving a number of visiting care (also called domiciliary care) calls but find that it no longer meets their needs. When you are at the point of receiving numerous calls per day as well as having night care the costs can soon become significant and prohibitive.

For a similar amount, a one-to-one dedicated live in carer gives continuity that a team of carers cannot, absorbing their routine tasks as a minimum and concentrating on a quality one to one relationship. This will mean that for the first time, you benefit from that direct continuity and peace of mind knowing your loved one has care and companionship, no matter what the time of day.

From Care Home back to your own home

We support many families who have trialled a residential setting but found the pull of home too great. Once you have made the decision, our local assessor would visit both the care home as well as your actual home, understanding how we can make sure your transition, both physically and emotionally is a smooth one.

Even complex healthcare needs can be supported by a Calon Lan carer in your own home.

Changing care agencies

A third of our Clients came to Calon Lan because their needs were not being met or because they were unhappy with their existing care company.

With all the benefits of being a direct employer we offer greater continuity, choice of carer, ability to look after complex car needs and provide medical support and we have extensive geographical coverage.

We ensure a smooth handover with your existing agency and plan carefully so that your expectations are met – every step of the way. We are passionate about our carers and the extraordinary service that they provide. This confidence in our experience, ability and scope means you never need look elsewhere.

Caring for couples

Live-In care gives couples who want to stay together the opportunity to do so regardless of their care needs. With one live in carer often able to support both within the comfort of home, there can be significant cost savings over the cost of 2 beds within a care home.

Sometimes couples struggle to support each other with personal care, for others it may mean delegating the physical housekeeping tasks. Whatever the need, there will be a live in care solution that means you can stay together.

Preventing Falls

At Calon Lan we believe that prevention is better than cure. Many of our Clients are concerned about falling and often this is the cause of great anxiety for them and their families, especially when they previously lived alone.

In order to alleviate this concern having a full time professional Live-In carer supporting during the day and night is more than enough to provide reassurance and plenty of support with all aspects of your daily living. This would ensure your safety and much less vulnerable and prone to falling.

In addition, having a carer living-in does also mean that if you did fall our carer would be able to raise the alarm and seek help for you immediately.

Falling is of such concern because of the implications and long term damage, especially to someone who is already frail and the champions for older people Age UK have a dedicated awareness week in each year. They suggest “a fall can destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence” Source Age UK

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