Protecting our Colleagues and Clients during the COVID-19 outbreak

At Calon Lan Community Care, the health and safety of our Colleagues and the people who use our services is and has always been our priority.

As older people are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, we want to reassure our teams and the clients we care for that we are monitoring the situation closely to help manage risks of spreading the virus.  Our Clients are considered Low Risk as the majority of people we support are already isolated and so if they somehow managed to contract the virus it would be because someone visiting them is not practising good hygiene.

Everyone who works within Calon Lan are Registered Health and Social Care Professionals who are trained and supported to understand infection prevention and control.  We have been advising everyone to remember the Infection Control Standard Precautions (see Handbooks) and follow guidance on hygiene from the UK’s Public Health Authorities (NHS, CIG) and World Health Organisation (WHO), which is focusing on handwashing and other infection prevention measures.

Beyond providing everyone with information and support to protect themselves and the people they care for, we’re monitoring the situation continuously.  We’ll continue to follow direction provided by the UK’s Public Health Authorities and World Health Organisation and keep a close eye on the situation, working closely with Local Authorities and Local Health Teams.

On Tuesday 17th March we will be meeting to discuss our business continuity plan.  Once this is finalised we will discuss it with all the North Wales Local Authorities to ensure they are in agreement with it and then we will be able to discuss it with everyone.

To the people who use Calon Lan’s services I would like to say please do not worry, we won’t leave you alone.  We will do everything we can to make sure you’re as safe and as confortable as possible.

To my colleagues I would like to say I’m confident that we can all support our Clients by acting with integrity and upholding public trust and confidence in our profession so they feel safe and cared for at home throughout this challenging time.


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